Our Story

“Grandparents make you Grand”, my grand father’s name was Alfredo. He embodied perseverance, integrity and strenght that I looked up to. He was born in 1939 in Paramaribo, Surinam. As a young boy he became passionate of watches, from the clock work to the design of them. Since watch production in Surinam was a non factor his brother decided to travel to Switzerland and resell these luxury watches back home in Surinam. In 1975 they were one of the first watch sellers in Surinam and also offered repair services.

Later on the watch brand ‘Mi Destino’, translated ‘my destiny’ was born. This was a succesful brand but they ventured into other succesful businesses and that was the end of it. No, not really, my grandfather always had a special relationship with time, he was a punctual gentleman who would be fully dressed and ready to go atleast an hour before any appoinment or meeting he had. He instilled me his principles that I carry close to my heart until this day. In the final stages of his life he refused to stretch the quanity of his life with horrible side effects and choose the the quality of family time in his remaining days. I was at his deathbed and received his wristwatch. I wore that watch even when it stopped ticking.

One day I woke up with a epiphany and realized that he wouldn’t want me to mourn him this long. I went back to the lab and was determined to design luxurious watches for a fraction of the price while not compromising on quality materials and customer service. The company goal is aiming to spread more love and positivity in this world, thus the third generation watch brand Alfredo Grandis was born. The Tutans timepiece is just as timeless and majestic as Tutankhamon. Crown yourself to the King or Queen that you are and change your relationship with time.